Welcome To Phoenix Biotech

“A fit, healthy body - that is the best fashion statement.”

About Pheonix

‘Phoenix Biotech’ is a place where we think about the patient’s benefit. ‘Phoenix’ stands for a ‘Person or thing regarded as uniquely remarkable in some respect’. Our people are our most valuable asset. Our culturally diverse workforce is one of our biggest strengths and the rich experience they bring, across varied skill-sets and backgrounds, is invaluable. We produce a comprehensive range of specialty products targeting different segments for treatment of patients, customized to each market we are present in. We clearly understand our customer’s needs. Our high quality products help to improve the health and everyday lives of the people around us. Our employees drive our agile, patient-centric organization, reinforce our reputation, and grow the business.

Our Vision

"To be a Globally Respected Organization by catering the needs of all Consumers for the Quality Medicines at Affordable Prices. "

Our Mission

⇝ To achieve Manufacturing Facilities complying with International Standards.
⇝ To continuously improve the Quality of Products with Innovations and R&D initiatives, meeting International Standards, thereby enhancing Customer Satisfaction.
⇝ To commit for Environmental Protection, Conservation and Green Initiatives for the Promotion of Sustainable Growth.
⇝ To develop highly motivated and talented Human Resources to meet the needs of challenging business environment.
⇝ To socially commit and maintain highest standards of Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.
⇝ To bring about cost efficiencies for improving net worth.

Our Values

Transparent : Supporting patients with an intent of developing Trust.
Integrity : In whatever we do and execute, there is a sincere approach.
Accountability : Taking responsibility for our actions

Our Objectives

Company will strive to fulfill its Vision /Mission by:
⇝ Attaining rapid growth with high quality of products and cost competitiveness and leadership in the main product categories.
⇝ Creating a culture of continuous innovation in R&D and Customer Care.
⇝ Emphasizing on Environmental Friendly Activities that bring out Conservation of Resources and Waste Management leading Sustainable Development and.
⇝ Improving Employee satisfaction levels by adopting modern Human Resource Management methods.

Our Quality Policy

⇝ To produce drug items conforming to the prescribed standards.
⇝ Maintenance of quality at all stages of manufacturing & quality control operations.
⇝ To enhance consumers’ satisfaction.
⇝ To ensure continual improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system, with the involvement of all employees.

Our Services

⇝ We formulate and produce various dosage of high quality Injectables, Capsules, Tablets, Liquid Syrups & Powder and supply them to the domestic market at affordable price for section of country.